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- Beauty is an experience, nothing else. - D. H. Lawrence Assorted Articles - A person is only beautiful, when their own beauty, is reflecting on to others. - Tara Grady - Those who look for beauty, find it. - Unknown - Beauty comes in all sizes; not just size 5. - Roseanne - Always remember that true beauty comes from within; from within bottles, jars, compacts, and tubes. - Peter's Almanac

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Time to LASH out

Here's how to fatten, fake and flaunt them with style!
- pic by robertrootes
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1. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara.

2. To bulk up less-than-luscious lashes, dust translucent powder over them before you apply mascara to build them up.

3. Next, use your mascara wand to set the curl. Keep your eyes open and look down, then place the brush along the tops of your lashes. Slowly twist the wand back towards yourself, moving downwards - it'll grab your lashes and the mascara will hold the curl in place.

4. To finish coating, position the brush on the underside of your lashes and push back up, wiggling the brush at the base and stroking upwards. Repeat three or four times.

5. For a truly pro-finish, use a lash comb from the base of your lashes to the tips for a perfectly even effect. Invest in metal lash prongs as it won't clog like plastic ones.

6. Most celebs have make-up artists enhance their lashes with individual falsies. Squeeze a little lash adhesive onto the back of your hand then using tweezers, pick up an individual falsie and dip into the glue. Repeat with more falsies and position several at the outer edges of each eye for a seriously flirtatious flutter.

Lash Extensions (Is it worth Investing?)

Temporary (2-5 days)

- If you're not into fiddling with falsies, get a pro to do all the work for you!

Permanent (3-5 weeks)

- Single silk fibre lashes are glued onto the ends of your own lashes. It only takes an hour. Your first visit will cost around AUD$150 and the lashes last for three to five weeks, after which you can get a top-up with infills for about AUD$50-$60 for a 20 minute session.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Beauty Shopping

Nuts about beauty products? Here's some buying tips you should know first!

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1. Make sure you know what type of skin, hair and nails you have before you set out. Ask an expert if you're not sure: a facialist, hair stylist and manicurist can determine them for you.

2. List any known sensitives you have and the ingredients that cause them, so you can check labels and eliminate any likely toublemakers!

3. Write down the things you NEED and those you WANT: This helps you to set a budget and resist them temptation to make impulse buys.

4. If you're shopping for new makeup, particularly foundation and blusher, go with clear skin, and use cotton buds to apply and never put your fingers in pots for risk of infection.

5. Use tissues instead of toe separators. Roll them into a thin barrel and weave between your toes before you apply polish.

6. Go for cotton squares instead of cotton balls, as they won't leave those annoying wool fibres on your nails.

7. Lanolin is a great alternative to foot or cuticle creams, as it acts as a barrier for dry hands and feet, and softens the cuticles.

8. Avoid metal emery boards as they can rip and tear the nail.

9. When buying polish, always choose a basic red and a pale pink. These two shades will never go out of fashion.

10. Don't be tempted to buy whatever is on sale! Remember, know what you WANT =)

11. Sectioning clips are a good investment, especially if you have long hair, as it will save on blow-drying time - you can concentrate on small areas at a time.

12. Look for products that perform two or more functions and buy smart.

13. Skincare is all about protection and maintenance, so ensure you start everyday with a zinc oxide-based sunscreen.

14. To avoid (further) damage, always apply sunscreen not only to your face but to other areas exposed to the sun on a daily basis, like the decolletage and the backs of the hands.

Tips fr Denice
15. Vaseline is a GREAT product for this cold season. I use it to soothe chapped lips, keep brows neat, mix with powder eyeshadow to make a creamy/glossy look and more! =)

Pout & Proud

For femme fatale without the killer attitude, Try a slick of Lipgloss in a bold shade!
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The Modern Minx

According to Jeanine Lobell, make-up artist and creator of cult brand Stila, "More than any other piece of make-up, lip-colour can alter your mood." Bold red lipstick is the ultimate boost, but can be difficult to wear. So if you want the colour without the fuss, we have tracked down this clutch of cute, wearable and easy-to-apply gloss pots. When seeking out your perfect red, you need to test the colour on your lips, not your hand, as the shade of your dace differs from that of your body. To apply, place dots of colour in the centre of your lips and then, using your little finger, work towards the corners of your mouth. If you want a more precise finish, use a square-ended lip brush.

Tip fr Denice:
- Using lip brush with your lipstick/gloss/pot for application helps the item to last longer and ban any wastage =) Great if you're investing in luxury brand lippies!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

10 Rules of Hair

The 10 golden rules for creating (or faking) luscious locks!
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- 'Don't over wash your hair," says 2005 Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Oscar Cullinan. 'Only shampoo every other day or you'll strip the natural oils which give hair shine.'

- Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and the juice of half a lemon, then massage into hair after washing to correct your hair's pH level and give it shine.

- 'Use treatments regularly to help keep the cuticles in tact,' says Oscar.

- For instant shine, cheat and use a straightening iron to smooth strands.

- 'Hair that's curly or wavy has an uneven surface so it doesn't reflect light as well,' says nu:u 'hairologist' Michael Brennan. Smooth it up with a sleek shampoo.

- Invest in a good quality brush. It massages your scalp as you brush and will distribute your natural oils through your hair.

- 'Eat foods with high vitamin E and Omega 3 fat content, like nuts and fish, to keep your hair sleek,' says Oscar. Or u can cheat in capsule form of these vitamins =)

- For a truly luxe lustre, spray your locks with hair shine. It will leave your hair scented too!

- As blonde hair tends to be drier than other colours, it doesn't reflect as much light so it can look dull. When your hair's dry, use a treatment product to brighten it up.

10. GLOSS 'N' GO
- 'For a sleek finish, work a little serum into your hair,' says celebrity hairstylist Andrew Collinge.

A tip fr Denice's experience
- When blowdrying, keep it in one direction to avoid frizz
- Then finish off with a 1/2 a cent of serum for max shine.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Asian Beauty Tips

- by Michelle Smith

The eyes are the most enchanting Asian feature and so special attention should be paid to them. Remember this: black mascara and black liquid eyeliner are your best friends. If you have a fair amount of lid, then you may escape the use of eyeliners and mascara, but to enhance your almond shaped eyes, you can't do without these essential tools.

Skin tone is a big factor when choosing hues for foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. Lighter shades will create a "washed out" look, while intense hues will add dramatic effect and bring to life the eyes and cheekbones.

Use foundation and powder with a yellow undertone. Although many Asian women believe they need to wear pink makeup shades to counteract their natural skin tones, this creates a very unnatural, outdated look. Using yellow-based products do not make Asian women look more yellow, but rather they produce a natural, flawless look that is modern and beautiful.

Eyeshadow: The most important factor in deciding what colour and how to apply eye shadow is to take into consideration the amount of fold you have above the eye lid. If you possess a fair amount of fold, then you can boldly apply dramatic colors such as black, deep purple, deep turquoise (really stunning) and navy blue for night time wear and utilize the technique of multilayering colors. Colors that are especially flattering for daytime wear are bronze and light colours applied close to the lashes while more intense colors are blended on top.

Asian Hair: Most hair-color products on the market just don't work well on Asian hair. More often than not, any amount of lightening turns out brassy; even black comes out looking unnatural much of the time because it's a difficult color to match. Your best bet is to go to an experienced colorist. If you decide to try it at home, remember that thick hair tends to absorb dyes fairly quickly, and very dark hair is especially resistant to bleaching, so always do a strand test to get the timing right.

Lastly, hope this helps!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fashion FengShui (Part 1)

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I thought this would be an interesting topic... i'll research more if there's an interest in this.. hehee... Anyway, the following Essential Feng Shui™ philosophy and principles will help you begin to look at personal appearance through Fashion Feng Shui™ eyes.
- article by Fashion Fengshui™ International

Everything is ALIVE
Chi, the Universal life force, animates every one and every thing in our world giving us a whole new perspective on the people and possessions that surround us. If you consider your surroundings to be alive and talking to you all the time—think about what your clothing is “saying” to, and about, you? Do your clothes speak your truth? Is your wardrobe authentic to who you are? Do your clothes cheer you, or jeer you? Does your appearance affirm your goals?

Everything is CONNECTED
Every one and every thing is connected by a “worldwide web” of energy. Therefore, your actions and attitudes affect every one and every thing else in the world—and vice versa. Connect with the people you meet, places you go and pastimes you pursue, by mirroring their energy in your appearance. Do your clothes reflect your surroundings? Are you dressed appropriately for every interaction and occasion? Is your wardrobe functional? Does it support your desired lifestyle?

Everything CHANGES
Nature is in a constant state of change. You witness it in the cycles of seasons, the ebbing and flowing of the tides, and the waxing and waning of the moon. Change is one thing upon which you can always rely. When you change, you align yourself with the energy of the moment, so should your clothing. Do your clothes align with the current you? When is the last time you made changes to: Your self? Your personal style? Your living or working environments? Is your wardrobe attuned to the present moment you? Do you or your clothes require updating?

Live with what you LOVE
The state of your surroundings affects your state of mind. Surround yourself only with your favorite people and possessions. Memories and associations make your wardrobe come alive—make sure they are all positive ones. Wear only clothes that make your heart sing! How do your clothes make you feel? Do you LOVE them? Do they love you back? Do some of your clothes drag your energy down (like a "ball and chain")? Do some lift it up (like a balloon)? How do you think they affect your life?

Put safety and comfort FIRST
Avoid filling your environment with “hazardous furnishings," i.e. anything which, does not contribute to your personal safety and comfort. Small nuisances, such as uncomfortable clothes, missing buttons, unruly zippers, and drooping hems deplete your energy. Do you perform wardrobe audits? Do you regularly identify which garments to keep, sweep,or tweak? Are you living with clothes that are not as perfect as you? How does this affect your energy?

Organise and express YOURSELF
Feng Shui maintains that your environment displays your consciousness and your consciousness creates your environment. Your wardrobe should be in ideal condition, if you expect your life to be. Is your wardrobe in a state of disorganization or dis-repair? If so, is it a reflection of a like-mind set? Or, could it be manifesting the same in your life? Do your clothes display your inner magnificence?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Doctor WHO? Doctor YOU!

- by New Woman May'05

Hate going to the doctor then getting charged for their so-called-minute-worth of consultation fees then having to bring in the receipts back to medical claims? well.. here's some tips to check your health! but seriously, if you do feel ill.. pls go to the doctor right NOW...

1. Check your pulse
Taking your pulse is a great way to find out how fit you are. The best time to take it is first thing in the morning before you've done anything to raise it. Hold your left wrist out infront of you with the palm facing up, then place the first and second fingers of your right hand on your wrist below the thumb. Count the number of beats for 20 seconds, multiply by 3 to get the beats per minute (bpm) then check it against this...
Under 55 bpm: Your heart's in top condition
56 - 65: You're heart's having to work quite hard so more exercise, please!
90+: Get off your bum, you couch potato!

2. Pinch your hand
To check your hydration level, pinch the back of your hand for two seconds then release - if the skin doesn't spring back into place immediately you need to get guzzling water immediately! Aim for 2 litres a day.

3. Do a pee
In the next ad break, nip off to the loo to check the colour of your wee. Basically, the darker it is, the more dehydrated you are. First thing in the morning, it's likely to be quite dark; if it goes dark again later in the day, you need to drink more water. Blood-streaked or cloudy urine can indicate problems like kidney stones, bladder infections or even sexually transmitted infections, especially if you also have a burning sensation.

4. Cut a hole
To check if you're short-sighted, poke a hole in a piece of paper with a pencil and hold it to a few centimetres from your face. Look through the hole and try to focus on an object 10 metres away. If you can see the object more celarly through the hole then you could be suffering from myopia and should book an eye test, says optometrist Ron Detwiler. If you already wear contact lenses or glasses, use this test to see if you need stronger ones.

5. Rubber neck
The area where the lymph glands (part of the lymphatic system, which produces white blood cells to help fight infections and disease) can be best felt is in your neck. Simply run the palm of your hand around the whole of your neck down to your collarbone. As a rule, if a painful swelling appears suddenly, it's usually the result of an injury or ear or throat infection, whereas if it's painless or has gradually grown over time, it could indicate something more serious and should be checked out.

6. Check your breath
Nearly 10% of adults in Australia have regular bad breath and 75% have occasional bad breath, says the Australian Dental Association. So check your breath, rub your fingers over your teeth and gums and sniff. If the smell makes you squirm, it's time to visit your dentist as this is one sign of gum disease.

7. Open your eyes
Get out your compact mirror and examine your eyes. Firstly, the whites should be white! If they're yellow you could have jaundice and associated liver problems. If you have bags under your eyes, you may need to cut down on alcohol and fatty foods. And the inside of your lower eyelid should be a rosy red colour. If it's pale, you could be anaemic - the best sources of iron are meat and green veggies like watercress. Also, the tannic acid in tea interferes with the absorption of iron into your body, so don't have a cuppa with your meal or for two hours after eating.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Scent Sense (Part 2)

Style Conscious
Living in the latest designer apartment complex, dining at the 'in' restaurants - they probably even look a little alike!
HIS: Giorgio Armani Armani Mania, $132
Sleek, smooth and refined, the modern crisp scent of green mandrin blended with vetiver and cedar makes him feel masculine and modern.
HER: Giorgio Armani Armani Mania Pour Femme, $92
A little bit like the perfect bottle of wine, this scent is perfect for her right now - smooth, sweet, crisp and delicate, like a pretty floral bouquet.
Why they work
He loves the ergonomically designed bottle as much as her inner label addict loves the fact that they match.

Free Spirits
This Zen like couple are blissfully happy and completely at home in their incense filled eco friendly house doing a morning yoga session together.
HIS: L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme, $80
The clean, serene feeling reminds him of surfing - zesty lemon, green pepper and lotus flower makes him feel fresh and very 'in the moment'.
HER: L'eau Par Kenzo, $80
Just like a beautiful big deep breath of fresh air, with a watery feel, thanks to frosted mint, lotus flower and pink pepper - tranquil and calming.
Why they work
Both just a little bit out of the ordinary, but together, they make the perfect pair.

Star-crossed Lovers
'Till death do us part' describes this couple down to the ground - they can't bear to be parted for more than a minute!
HIS: Penhaligon's LP No:9 For Men, $110
Old fashioned and hot, hot, HOT! Blended from traditional aphrodisiacs including clove, cinammon, nutmeg, rosemary and bergamot.
HER: Penhaligon's LP No:9 For Ladies, $125
Unbelievably heady and seductive, he can't help but want to breathe it in! Jasmine, patchouli and amber make up this irresistible magic elixir.
Why they work
These two lovers must do everything the same... and that includes wearing lusty love potions!

The 'IT' couple
They're cool without even knowing it - think Cam & JT, but they know the value of good designer accessories.
HIS: Versace Jeans Couture For Men, $120
Understated, despite its flashy appearance. Citrusy mandrin, sexy sandalwood and patchouli make it effortlessly cool.
HER: Versace Jean Couture, $120
Casual but sexy, this scent is fresh and glam without trying. Pretty florals like orange flower, iris and jasmine make it shine.
Why they work
They really appreciate each other and adore these simple scents - and probably have a laugh together about the OTT bottles!

Stylish Sophisticates
Sophisticated and chic - think Charlotte and Trey - they both order steaks medium rare, love a good chardonnay and are always home in time to watch their favourite TV show together!
HIS: Burberry Brit For Men, $84
Ginger and cardamom make this interesting and unusual, with a definite dash of nutmeg - subtle enough to stay under the collar!
HER: Burberry Brit, $95
Slightly predictable vanilla with a hint of spice, but the surprise comes thanks to pear and sugared almond to give a lolly like sweetness
Why they work
Like their matching cars, shoes and wallets, these two wouldn't dream of their fragrances not matching each other!

The Power Couple
They're the couple that know what they want, go after it and get it - and only the best will do.
HIS: Gucci Pour Homme, $96
This smells of pure man - so strong and powerful you wouldn't want to get in his way. Inspired by Tom Ford, pepper, ginger, amber and woods give it its fiery feel.
HER: Gucci Eau de Parfum, $155
Something smells expensive! Heady deep musks, vanilla and orange blossom overwhelm the senses, leaving her feeling like she's entrenched in luxury!
Why they work
No wonder they always get what they want - both scents are not for the faint hearted, but would turn each other on.